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Tournaments & Events


Feeling Competitive?

With several years of experiencing in organising & hosting events, you can expect regular tournaments here at Back Alley Pool Hall. Everything from beginner friendly Open Tournaments right up to much more serious events for seasoned pros, we’ll have something for everyone. Or if you have some ideas you’d think would be good, we’ll also be offering monthly free events and the ability for our members to organise their own in-house events as well.

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You will be able to register online via our app or sign up at our Front Desk

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All rules and times for the events will be available before the start date to help our Members be prepared

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We will offer a range of prizes from as simple and fun as a free pizza to something a little more serious and coveted

Member Tournaments

Challenge other players and win prizes

As part of our club we offer 2 monthly tournaments for our members run in both Pool & Poker these will be pre book events so download the app today for all info as rules and minimum players are listed under the events


One for the beginners


For the more seasoned player


The elites in the feild